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Beijing, China

Beijing is the capital of P.R. China. It is an ancient city established as a capital of China in the Yuan Dynasty in the thirteenth century. Much of the basic layout of the city and many of the major sites were first established in the Ming Dynasty (1368—1644), though most of the surviving buildings date back to the Qing Dynasty (1636-1912). 
The city still follows the basic outline of the Imperial City with a clear north-south and many streets following a grid. The loop line of the subway and the second-ring road roughly correspond to the location of the city wall. The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square lie in the center of the city. The area around the Forbidden City once housed officials and nobles. Many of these residences can still be seen in the Hutongs or alleys that have become symbol of Beijing's life.  The long history leaves Beijing precious cultural treasure. Most obvious are the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Summer Palace, Lama Temple, Tiananmen Square and the traditional courtyard homes along the alleyways or Hutongs. 
Now Beijing is the second largest city in China with population of more than 20 million and coverage of around 16410 square kilometers. It is the national political, cultural and educational center. The Beijing central business district (CBD), centered on the Guomao area, has been identified as the city's new central business district, and is home to a variety of corporate regional headquarters, shopping precincts, and high-end housing.  The Wangfujing and Xidan areas are major shopping districts.  Zhongguancun, dubbed "China's Silicon Valley", continues to be a major center in electronics and computer-related industries, as well as pharmaceuticals-related research.  A great number of colleges and universities, including Peking University and Tsinghua University, are located in Beijing.  The Beijing Capital International Airport is the second busiest in the world by passenger traffic. It is major hub for the national highway, expressway and railway networks.  

With a history that is more than 3000 years, Beijing is an amazing mix of old and new, traditional and global. What you see and feel is not only the majestic solemnity and busy life of ancient empire, but also the convenience and development of modern city. 

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