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Conference Program

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08:00 Registration  
9:00-10:00 opening session
Dr. Cheng Donghong, Chair of the Conference, Vice President of CAST
Official from China National Committee for UNESCO
Mrs. Hazami Habib, Chief Operating Officer, Academy of Sciences Malaysia
Dr. Cheng Donghong
10:00-10:30 Tea Break  
10:30-12:30 Keynote speeches
Forster Innovative Talent through the Collaboration of Scientists and Educators
Prof. Wu Yueliang, Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Conference, Academician, CAS, Vice-President, UCAS, China
InterAcademy Panel (IAP) Science Education Program (SEP), Where Do We Go From Here?
Academician Dato Ir. (Dr) Lee Yee Cheong, Chairman, IAP SEP Global Council/Chairman, Governing Board, UNESCO ISTIC, Malaysia
“Learning Beyond School”
Dr. Shirley Malcom, Director of Human Resources/Educations Programs, AAAS, USA
Mrs. Hazami Habib
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break  
14:00-15:30 Session 1: IBSE and Technology Education
Prof. Hubert Dyasi (USA): ”Pathway to Linking IBSE and Technology Education”(Highlight Speech)
Dato Sharifah Maimunah (Malaysia): ”Technology Education and Development of Middle Level Science and Technology Human Resources
Prof. Derek Bell (UK): ”IBSE and Technology Education: Challenges and Opportunities in Supporting Teachers
Prof. Petra Skiebe-Corrette (Germany): ”Informal Laboratories (Schülerlabore) Are Also Places of Technical Education
Prof. Luo Xingkai (China): ”Science & Technology by Inquiry in the Marginalized School Subjects: Less Privilege Means More Powerful
Prof. Wynne Harlen
15:30-15:45 Tea Break  
15:45-16:45 Discussion  
16:45-17:45 Poster Session  
18:30 Conference Dinner  

Oct. 29

9:00-10:30 session 2  Student Outcomes Assessment
Prof. Wynne Harlen (UK): ”Challenges and Opportunities in Assessment of Student Outcomes in IBSE/STEM Education”(Highlight Speech)
Prof. Patricia Rowell (Canada): ”Learning Progressions and Assessment: Possibilities and Challenges in IBSE Classrooms
Prof. Benő Csapó (Hungary ): ”Improving Science Learning Through Valid Assessments: Diagnostics and Inquiry-Based Contexts
Prof. Liu Enshan (China): ”Developing a Framework and Instruments for Assessing Science Learning Outcomes of Grade 5 students in China
Prof. Ye Zhaoning (China): ”Assessment and Instructional Design: Researching on Learning Progression
Dr. Shirley Malcom
10:30-11:00 Tea Break  
11:00-12:00 Discussion  
12:00-14:00 Lunch Break  
14:00-16:00 Session 3: IBSE and National Development:
Ms. Laurence Constantini (France): ”La main à la pâte, 15 Years of international Cooperation in Favour of Science Education” (Highlight Speech)
Prof. Norma Nudelman (Argentina): ”IBSE Development in Agentine
Prof. Ahmadou Wague (Senegal): ”Science Education in Senegal: State of the Art and Perspectives
Dr. Manzoor H. Soomro (Pakistan) : ”IBSE in ECO Region- Status and Prospects
Dr. R Indarjani (Indonesia): ”Articulate IBSE in Indonesia Science Education Framework
Prof. Giancarlo Vecchio (Italy): ”The Role of the Italian Accademia dei Lincei in Promoting a Renewal of Science Education in Schools in Italy and the AEMASE Initiative
16:00-16:30 Tea Break  
16:30-17:30 Discussion  
  Working Dinner for IAP SEP GC and Speakers  


9:00-11:00 session 4  Science Outreach and Society
Prof. Guillermo Fernández (Mexico): ”Science Outreach and Society” (Highlight Speech)
Mr. Peter Haydock (USA): ”Smithsonian Science Education Center Digital Response to Content and Engagement needs of Students and Teachers
Prof. Park Won-Hoon (Republic of Korea): ”Science Communications to and from the General Public to Promote Science Literacy and Welfare of Society
Dr. Sameh Soror (Egyp): “Importance of science outreach and role of young scientists
Dr. Rüdiger Klein (Netherlands): ”Hands-on science education for sustainable development: natural hazards and environmental change
Dr. Luo Hui (China): ”A study on Chinese school students’ attitudes towards science and its influential factors
Prof. Sunethra Atukorala (Sri Lanka): ”Inquiry-based science education through ICT to stimulate interest in science among rural secondary school children in Sri Lanka
Dato’ Lee Yee Cheong
11:00-11:15 Tea Break  
11:15-12:00 Discussion  
12:00-12:30 Closing Session  
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break  
14:00-17:00 IAP SEP GC meeting  

Optional Visits

Date Time Event
Oct.30  Thursday 14:00-17:00 China Science and Technology Museum
Oct.31  Friday 08:30-11:30 A Science Class at the Primary School Attached to Peking University