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Conference Objectives

The Conference has the following objectives:

To share best practices in the application of IBSE in technology education – IBSE has often been associated with science teaching. Its application in technology education is seldom discussed. Hence it would be of benefit to share some good examples of where IBSE is used as a teaching method in the teaching of STEM subjects.
To review and update recent developments on IBSE and assessment -- assessment is an aspect that is often raised in workshops on IBSE. National education systems need information on effects of IBSE on student performance to justify its wide implementation in the system. 
To examine the relation between IBSE and development -- developing a workforce with the required scientific knowledge, skills and attitudes is often at the forefront of many national development plans towards meeting the demands of the modern world. The extent to which IBSE/STEM can facilitate this will further strengthen the application of IBSE/STEM in the classroom.  
To emphasize the role of outreach programs in developing a science literate society – the scientific community led by the member academies of IAP must work with government, media, industry and NGOs in educating the public on scientific, engineering and technological issues that affect the world and society today.   

Themes and Subthemes

The Conference has the following major theme and subthemes

Major Theme

Challenges and Opportunities of IBSE/ STEM 


IBSE and technology Education
Student Outcomes Assessment 
IBSE and National Development
Science Outreach and Society