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About   IAP SEP

IAP is a global network of the world's 107 science academies. It was launched in 1993. Its primary goal is to help member academies work together to advise citizens and public officials on the scientific aspects of critical global issues. One of IAP’s priority agenda since the beginning of this century is the Science Education Program (SEP) under the direction of the IAP SEP Global Council.
The most important event of the IAP SEP is the Biennial IAP SEP Conference. In 2010, the IAP SEP Conference was convened in York, United Kingdom to discuss the many issues involved in beginning or extending the use of Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) in the secondary school. In 2012 the IAP SEP Conference was held in Helsinki on the theme Developing IBSE: the roles of assessment and the relationship with industry. 
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